Better than what?

Canada is Better is unabashedly pro-Canadian. We don’t just ‘like’ Canada. We LOVE Canada, and we’re unqualifyingly certain that Canada is… well, better than other countries. By almost any criteria you can suggest. It simply is.

Please start the video with sound turned up before reading further.

Of course, that’s not to say you don’t live in a pleasant country, we’re sure it’s very nice. But let’s be honest. Your country probably isn’t as big and pristine and impressive as Canada. It probably doesn’t bank 3 oceans and have the seemingly endless supply of natural resources – oil, lumber, minerals, water – that Canada has. Your country’s economy probably isn’t as successful as Canada’s, your education system not as highly regarded, your civil rights not as fiercely protected. If we’re being honest, it’s likely that your health care system is less equipped to care for you than Canada’s, and as a result, you just won’t live as long as you would if you lived in Canada. But believe us – your early death would be even sadder, if it was Canada that you were leaving behind.

Canada has unleashed into the world some of the greatest talent ever known. (And we’re not just talking about Pamela Anderson). In science, Canada cured polio, discovered insulin, and invented instant mashed potatoes. In the arts, we can make the world laugh (Mike Myers, Jim Carrey) and cry (Celine Dion, Nickelback). In sports, we gave the world basketball, 5-pin bowling, and Gretzky. In business, Canadian ingenuity created the telephone, the Blackberry, and of course, the snowmobile. The list is long – we haven’t even got started yet.

We know what you’re thinking. It’s out of character for Canada to be so openly cocky about its status in the world. This is true. Canadians are well known for being polite and deferential (as well as funny, educated, peace-loving, hockey-playing and beer-drinking – all true). You’d expect this patriotic chest-beating from the Americans, but Canada? What gives?

Maybe it’s just the world-class cannabis talking, but we’ve had enough. It’s time to set the record straight. Canada is the greatest country in the world, and Canada is Better is here to make the case.


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