CanCon flashback: Pitfall!

Starring a fro’d and funky Alex Trebek, Pitfall ran for one season from 1981-82 and was shot in Vancouver. Pitfall required players to answer questions under pressure while avoiding falling down lethal elevator shafts. We remember watching this as a kid and totally catching Trebek reading the questions super-slow to sabotage players chances of winning like, $500. It’s hard to believe that any Canadian game show production budget could finance the heavy-duty game apparatus (although I bet it’s just one guy running backstage from forklift to forklift – dropping the players when Alex rubs his moustache.

This one stars Dan the hockey player!


CanCon flashback: The Beachcombers

I was never a huge Beachcombers fan. But I always loved the opening, and one can’t help but be humbled by its landmark position in Canadian pop culture. The longest running dramatic series in Canadian history – 387 episodes.

Bruno Gerussi is the only moustached Canadian icon I can think of. Oh – Burton Cummings. And Jack Layton. And Suzuki has a goatee. Never mind.

Yay Beachcombers!