Hillary Clinton rebukes Canada at Arctic summit. Icecap melt accelerates.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton squeezes Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon's hand like a vice as he tries to flag down a mountie to subdue her.

OK, so Canada held an Arctic summit with foreign ministers from other Arctic countries in Chelsea, Quebec (wherever that is) today, to discuss “the emerging issues we all face in the region”.  In other words, Canada threw a party with Russia, the US, Norway and Denmark, and decided that Finland, Iceland, Sweden (and for that matter, Canada’s Inuit leaders) were not cool or popular enough to get an invite.

This really annoyed US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who scowled and pointed her finger at Harper and said “I hope the Arctic will always showcase our ability to work together, not create new divisions.”  Sure, it sounds tame, but we all know that what she really meant is “Don’t fuck with us, Canada, or we’ll move up our invasion plan.  What?  You think once all the arctic petroleum gets divvied up, we’re going to stand on the Alaskan shore like a loser?  We’re coming.  When we come is up to you.”

She then tore the head off a baby seal and spat it on the ground and did the “I’m watching you” hand gesture, before flying home to Washington.

Source: Washington Post


1988 Stephen Harper would HATE what 2010 Stephen Harper is doing!

“Many of our most serious problems as a country can be traced to the apathy and non-involvement of Canadians in public affairs, and to decisions that too frequently ignore the popular will…. We believe in accountability of elected representatives to the people who elect them, and that the duty of elected members to their constituents should supersede their obligations to their political parties.”

Stephen Harper, as policy director of the Reform Party, 1988.


Canada comes 8th out of 9 in arts funding. Damn you Harper!

Angry Quebec art lovers take to the streets.

Canada ranks eighth among these nine countries. In 2003/04, the Canada Council’s total budget was $4.73 per capita, a figure that was larger than only the U.S. National Endowment for the Arts ($0.51 per capita). The countries closest to Canada are Australia ($6.91 per capita) and New Zealand ($7.01 per capita). The countries at the top of the list are England ($24.36 per capita) and Scotland ($22.37 per capita). In both of the latter cases, lottery funding is included in the figures. However, direct government support (not lottery-based) is still much higher than Canadian levels.

Harper Sucks.

Link: Dept of Culture